Choosing Funny Pictures that are Creative and Original

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Artists have used humor in their creations for centuries. Whether ridiculing politicians, making fun of royalty, or drawing out the humor of day-to-day life, funny pictures have always relied on a creative wit.

You too can be creative in your choice of humorous art. Whether you are looking for something beautiful and sophisticated or slapstick, consider our on-line gallery of artworks, prints and posters.

Choosing funny artworks, prints or posters can be extremely difficult.

Some are too subtle, some too bold or even too beautiful, and the modern art world features so many images to choose from. On top of all this, art can amuse us in many different ways! The modern Pop Art movement, for example, produced a whole series of creative artists whose paintings were humorous social critiques. Modern artists Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann used popular images from advertising to make their art.

The paintings of Norman Rockwell are warm and often humorous depictions of American home life very different from Pop Art. Their creative humor is more domestic than Warhol’s or Wesselmann’s.

Satirical painters like Francisco Goya also offer beautiful, creative artworks well worth considering. Like many satirists, however, Goya’s images can be both humorous and tragic, highlighting human frailties and struggles.

As you ponder different artworks consider the type of humor you are seeking. The cutting satire of one artist is very different than the quiet and family-oriented humor of another. Be bold and creative in your choices. Choose prints or posters that are authentic and beautiful!

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