Cool modern artwork from Impressionism to Expressionism

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Cool art is synonymous with modern art. From its beginnings with the Impressionists, to the Futurists, Surrealists and Abstract Expressionists, it has always been at the cutting edge. Its artists have challenged social and artistic conventions seeking new and lively ways of representing the world. The use of beautiful colors, shapes, and different perspectives has made these images and pictures a favorite with sophisticated and reflective people for generations.

If you are struggling to find the right pictures, posters or prints, remember that “cool” has always meant avant-garde. The first painters of this movement, for example, were trying to see the world in new ways.They wanted to paint people who had never been painted before and to paint them in ways they had never been seen before. Bold and beautiful colors as well as abstract shapes came to characterize much of their work. Think of Mark Rothko‘s beautiful canvases full of different colors, or of Marcel Duchamp’s cubist Nude Descending Staircase no.2. This art was so controversial that artists often had to set up their own exhibitions in order to get their images shown at all. Museums and galleries did not want artwork that challenged viewers! Now, however, we find this artwork beautiful and captivating. These pictures are in high demand in the form of posters and prints.

If you are looking for artwork that will challenge you and make the world appear in a beautiful new light, consider prints or posters by early twentieth-century artists. The colors will amaze you and the sophistication of their images will capture your imagination.

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