Transform a room with contemporary art images

printlou @ February 4, 2013 5:27 am | No Comments

When many of us try to re-imagine rooms that have become tired or uninteresting we often begin by thinking about the furniture or the color of the walls. Will the room feel new if it is painted or if it has a new chair, desk, or sofa? A simple and inexpensive way of remaking a room is through the addition of pictures, including inexpensive prints and posters. The world of contemporary art in particular offers a whole series of fresh, modern images perfectly suited to transforming any space.

Thanks to its combination of bold and soft colors with bold and soft lines, modern artwork is perfectly suited to transforming a room. The strong geometrical patterns of Piet Mondrian’s beautiful images or the new and exciting use of color and line in Wassily Kandinsky’s works make for bold prints or posters for offices and public rooms.Franz Marc’s soft expressionist paintings are the perfect artwork for bedrooms and reading rooms.

Modern artwork, including prints and posters, can provide a room’s centre point, whatever the room’s purpose or mood. Striking pictures are ideal starting points for a renovation because they bring with them bold colors and eye-catching images. If you are contemplating changing a room, this time try making it new with the purchase of pictures that you love. If you want to redecorate entirely, why not start with a picture that strikes you, then let its colors and textures guide you in choosing new paint and furniture. Contemporary art can transform any space effectively and inexpensively! 

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