Looking for creative colors? Find them in contemporary artworks and inexpensive posters and prints.

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The colors of contemporary art are one of its most striking and creative features. In the past one hundred years, entire art movements have been dedicated to the exploration and depiction of color. The result has been striking pictures that have changed how we think about art. The modern art movement began with the Impressionists in the 19th century. Their experimentation with color and light was innovative and profoundly creative. It influenced cubist painting

surrealism, and, in the past fifty years, abstract art. If you are captivated by strong, bold color or soft, muted tones, then explore modern artwork.Browsing through galleries of pictures, whether online or in your city, will convince you that contemporary images in the form of posters and prints are the artwork for you.

Some modern artwork can appear simple. People and things are drawn more roughly, less naturalistically, than in older styles of painting. Often these simple images conceal other, deeper issues for the artists. Henri Matisse, for example, simplified the people in his great painting “The Dance 1“. This helped emphasize his wonderfully creative and contemporary use of color. The abstract painters of the middle of the 20th century took Matisse’s interest in simplicity and in color to another level. They stopped painting people and things at all! Instead they were fascinated by colors painted all by themselves or in geometrical shapes. Barnett Newman has painted powerful, yet incredibly simple, canvasses. Abstract painters like Mark Rothko reveal to us that modern artwork is a visually satisfying exploration of color

If you love color and are searching for art images that celebrate energy, vitality and exuberance, explore the creative and powerful images featured on this website. You will find pictures that dazzle you and you will have the chance to be creative with beautiful images in your own home! To top it all off, posters and prints are the most affordable way to purchase beautiful pictures. Investing in quality posters and prints may change your life, your home, and your awareness of the modern world.

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