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The styles and themes of modern art vary greatly. From Chagall‘s whimsical creations to the intensity of a Dali painting to the contemporary abstract lines of a Picasso, 20th century art is rich and diverse, full of creative images, colors and styles. Every range and style of contemporary art, from abstract to surrealist can be beautifully reproduced in posters and even limited edition prints.

The information on these pages is meant to deepen our understanding of 20th century art and artists to help us understand the motives behind modern art in the 20th century. The more we learn about contemporary art and artists, the more we will love the posters or limited edition prints that we choose for our homes or offices.

The pictures of both famous and non-famous 20th century artists are featured on this website. As you explore the creative images of modern giants like Picasso, Dali, Warhol and Matisse also notice the images of lesser-known individuals. Often you will come across hidden fine art treasures in the works of a lesser-known artist or even in the less-well-known works of an extremely famous 20th century artist. These special finds make for exciting purchases of posters or limited edition prints.

You may discover that pictures by a particular creative artist capture your interest. You may love abstract work by Picasso and find Dali fascinating. Perhaps you love bold colors, creative shapes and pictures that leap off the canvass. Notice the way an artist’s style and use of colors can change in the course of a lifetime. From Picasso to Dali to Warhol, an artist’s life work is fascinating to explore!

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